Why do the potential problems correlate more strongly with poor performance than the actual problems

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Active B12 therapy and methylation FAQ

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Dealing With Poor Performance

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Recognize that the actions needed to close ability gaps need high motivation on the employee's part to be successful. The two causes of poor performance ā€“ lack of ability and low motivation ā€“ are inextricably intertwined, and goal setting, feedback, and a supportive work environment are necessary conditions for improving both.

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*Diseases to which poor diet contributes are in bold. Read more about how public policies could help reduce obesity. (BMI) by only 5 percent, millions of Americans could be spared serious health problems, and our country could save $ billion over the next 10 years.

The potential problems co-relates to poor performance is correct to that extent and in comparison to actual problem. Performance is very important there shall be many reasons for non performance or poor performance.

Why do the potential problems correlate more strongly with poor performance than the actual problems
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