Water absorption test

Water Absorption 24 hours

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Water Absorption 24 Hour/Equilibrium

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ODT labels used range from lyophilization to tablet book resulting in ODTs with differing lengths. The measured water absorption of the specimen is corrected to that equivalent to a surface to volume ratio of a core 75 mm long with a diameter of 75 mm.

NOTE: Absorption values for cast specimens are normally slightly lower than those for a core from the same concrete but the difference can be more significant if the aggregate is absorbent. absorption as a result of direct contact exposure to free water.

Results by this test method cannot be used to compare the resistance of cellular plastics to water vapor transmission and subsequent condensation within the cells. To determine resis-tance to water vapor transmission, see Test Methods E water absorption This test helps to determine the water absorption of coarse aggregates as per IS: (Part III) – For this test a sample not less than g should be.

The test describes a procedure for determining the quantity of water absorbed by non bibulous paper, paperboard, and corrugated fiberboard in a specified time under standardized conditions.

Water Absorption of Aggregates

It is based on studies by Cobb and Lowe, Cobb and other investigators. The water absorption potential of CS is related to its characteristic porous structure which facilitates water uptake into the tablet by capillary action facilitating tablet disintegration, while the disintegration mechanism of citric acid and sodium citrate is related to their high water solubility and affinity for the aqueous medium.

Water absorption test was carried out by immersion specimens in water bath at room temperature for a time duration. The process of water absorption of these composites was found to approach Fickian diffusion behavior.

Water absorption test
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