The problems of educational system in modern america

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Problems and Weaknesses in the American Educational System

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Waiting For Superman. I talk a lot about my problems with how our current education system is run today. The rigid guidelines it imposes on students, the killing of creativity and individualism, the lack of teaching in practical relevant areas of life, and the grading system that motivates students to learn and then subsequently forget information in order to receive proverbial gold stars, are.

The educational plan was little different from other schools, but rules were enforced more vigorously, and many of them were unnecessary. These were about power, not education. As a result, two classes of people were formed: the conformists, and the rebels. Over the years the educational system in America has had its share of ecoleducorset-entrenous.comming them has brought us to the schools that we have today.

Some of the problems over the years have been due to segregated classrooms and freedoms that people has fought to have. Few would argue that the state of our education system has plenty of room for improvement. However, developing a plan to take schools in the right direction is easier said than done.

Schools - American Public Education Problems

The first challenge lies in identifying underlying problems keeping students from learning today. When asked about a range of school problems including absenteeism, student drug abuse, and physical conflicts among students, teachers and principals could respond that each problem was either a serious problem, moderate problem, minor problem, or not a problem in their schools.

The problem is we lack any modern solutions to our modern problems. As an example of our problems: Our educational system is very similar to the way it was years ago! Our political parties are still using ideologies developed decades ago.

The problems of educational system in modern america
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