Setting right priorities in life

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Writing a Compelling Vision Statement

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The Complete Guide to Goal-Setting

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Seven Priorities That Make Life Work, Walking with Purpose: Study Guide with Discussion Questions [Lisa Brenninkmeyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. WALKING WITH PURPOSE: STUDY GUIDE With Discussion Questions is the perfect companion to the book, Walking with Purpose: Seven Priorities That Make Life Work.

This 6-week Study Guide accompanies the. Set Priorities There is no activity that will impact the direction and progress in our lives more than that of setting priorities. We can have all the determination, discipline, motivation and inspiration that we want, but if our efforts are scattered or misdirected, they will have little impact.

The most comprehensive guide for goal-setting and achieving your personal goals. Learn how to write, reach, and achieve your goals with example lists. If we had only 30 minutes to talk with you, here’s the advice we would pass on. Recently I wrote about life balance and setting the right priorities for life.

Today I share the advantages of setting priorities. Knowing your priorities is empowering. Our heath, well-being, focus and enthusiasm benefit. Setting Priorities. My personal priorities are.

Self; Family; Work; Friends; Everything else; Self. Putting me first may seem selfish. But it’s not. To get the right life balance we need to be our best. Efficiency is doing things right.

Effectiveness is doing the right things. Your ability to plan and organize your work, in advance, so you are always working on your highest value tasks determines your success as much as any other factor. The process of setting short-term priorities begins with a.

Setting right priorities in life
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