Noise that annoys regulating unwanted sounds

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With assistance from the EPA, these model codes were then customized to address local noise pollution sources and concerns. NOISE CONTROL conditions are imposed which regulate the generation of sound including, but not limited to, conditions regulating the hours of the activity and the amplification of sound.

However, excessive, unnecessary, and/or annoying noise is subject to regulation. On March 29,the City Council adopted a new Noise Ordinance that established limits on noise pollution, set enforcement responsibilities, and provided penalties for violations. “When it comes to noise, I think it’s important to have some distance from those who regulate and those who are regulated,” Zwerling says.

“The feds need to either get all the way into regulating noise or they need to get all the way out so the locals can do it. oned that noise is a continuous variable and optimal level can be chosen individually at the margin. He provided the range of noise level about 25 decibels (50 to 80 decibels) from empirical studies.

Wolf et al. () observed most of the sources for noise associated with urban development such as transportation, industrial and recreational.

When Noise Annoys: Coping with Hypersensitive Hearing

Health effects from noise. Roadway noise is a major source of exposure. The fetus is capable of perceiving sounds and responding to them by motor activity and cardiac rate change." "Noise that Annoys: Regulating Unwanted Sound".

Environmental Health Perspectives (1).

Noise that annoys regulating unwanted sounds
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