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Installing Drupal 8 on Windows and SQL Server

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Exposing custom Fields and Filters to Views using hook_views_data_alter()

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7 views hooks json. Using Views to Update Data: ** A view can be used in a query that updates data, subject to a few restrictions. Bear in mind that a view is not a table and contains no data—the actual modification always takes place at the table level.

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How to Create a Custom Views Field in Drupal 7

Sometimes - if a js file is essential to the page before it loads -. Home» Blog» How to Integrate SQL Tables with Views in Drupal 7.

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16 thoughts on “How to Integrate SQL Tables with Views in Drupal 7” memoday. March 25, at pm. If you want to implement the hook_views_data, have a look at how it’s implemented for. I have a form implemented from hook_form called simplequiz_form() I want to access its data after submit below is the code I have written but I can't seem to access its data once its submitted.


How to Integrate SQL Tables with Views in Drupal 7 Hook views data drupal 7
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