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Jews in Islamic Countries: The Treatment of Jews

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United Arab Emirates

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List of Arab countries by population

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Dialects of Arabic. There are three forms of Arabic: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Qur’anic Arabic / Classical Arabic, and Colloquial Arabic.

Saudi crown prince goes on tour of Arab states amid Khashoggi storm

MSA is the official modern language of the Arab world and is derived from the Qur’an. MSA is widely taught in schools and universities throughout Arab speaking countries.

Although no globally accepted definition of the Arab world exists, all countries that are members of the Arab League are generally acknowledged as being part of the Arab world. The Arab League is a regional organisation that aims (among other things) to consider in a general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries and sets out the following definition of an Arab.

OAPEC is a regional Arab organization of an international character specializes in the affairs of oil.

Arab world

AHDR Research Paper Series. Energy Subsidies in the Arab World; Job Creation in the Arab Economies: Navigating Through Difficult Waters; Mapping of Climate Change Threats and Human Development Impacts in the Arab Region; Population Levels, Trends and Policies in the Arab Region: Challenges and Opportunities.

The United Arab Emirates (also called Emirates or just UAE) is an Arab country in the southeast region of the Arabian Peninsula. The UAE is a federation of 7 emirates, each governed by a hereditary emir who together form the Federal Supreme Council. The estimated population of the UAE is million, up from 's estimate of million.

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