An introduction to the set of blithe spirit

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Blithe Spirit Essay Sample Noel Coward authored Blithe Spirit; a black comedy play considered as provocative in nature because of the outbreak of World War II nevertheless it became a British box office hit in the West End Theatre in garnering 1, performances that gave way to New York’s Broadway Theater with performances.

Concept If I had to give an name for the overall look for my design of Blithe Spirit, it would be Ethereal Eclecticism. What this means is a style achieved by combining a number of decorative elements to evoke a feeling of mystery and the supernatural.

Blithe Spirit was made into a successful film inadapted by Coward and directed by David Lean. The cast included Rex Harrison as Charles, Constance Cummings as Ruth, Kay Hammond as Elvira and Margaret Rutherford as Madame Arcati.

Author Noel Coward s narration then introduction of all but one of his chief characters, Constance Cummings and Rex Harrison as Ruth and Charles, Jacqueline Clark the maid, Margaret Rutherford cycling, Hugh Wakefield and Joyce Carey the guests, David Lean directing, in Blithe Spirit, >.

The Sound of Music is the famous musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, based on the story of the Trapp Family musical was inspired by an earlier, now largely forgotten German movie adaptation of the book and was made into a movie inwith Julie Andrews as Maria and Christopher Plummer as the Captain.

Inthe book was again independently adapted in a 40 episode anime .

An introduction to the set of blithe spirit
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