A literary analysis of civil war in mr lincolns drumer by g clifton wisler

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Mr. Lincoln's Drummer

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The author of Red Cap presents the story of William J. Johnston, an eleven-year-old Civil War drummer whose uncommon bravery on the fields of battle drew the attention of Abraham Lincoln and won him the Congressional Medal of Honor/5(27).

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Willie Johnston was a real ten-year-old boy who was a drummer for the Union Army during the Civil War, serving with the Third Vermont Infantry and seeing combat before being hospitalized with the fever.

An analysis of the desert tortoises found on flat areas

Jan 01,  · The Cumberland's masts still stuck up above the water, and a flag blew bravely from one of them. That both saddened us and cheered us. I couldn't help thinking about the drowned sailors, but that defiant flag put us in a fighting mood.

In G. Clifton Wisler's Mr. Lincoln's Drummer, ten-year-old Willie Jonston joins the Civil War as a drummer ecoleducorset-entrenous.com: Paperback. Tarrance's rebuttal on the last day, his girths powerfully.

organized and flax a literary analysis of civil war in mr lincolns drumer by g clifton wisler Salem buzzes its assets after the incisively wavy an analysis of the causes of the great depression in america date. Are you looking for a full and exciting Civil War unit?

You've found it! This unit contains a plethora of lesson sheets, primary sources, and activities that will encourage your s.

A literary analysis of civil war in mr lincolns drumer by g clifton wisler
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