A geography of iran contra affair

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Iran-Contra scandal unravels

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Iran–Contra affair

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Iran-Contra Affair

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The Iran-Contra Affairs of the s stemmed from the Reagan Administration’s foreign policies toward two seemingly unrelated countries, Nicaragua and Iran. The Administration believed that changes to these countries that occurred in the s threatened U.S. national interests. Iran-Contra Affair, s U.S.

political scandal in which the National Security Council (NSC) became involved in secret weapons transactions and other activities that either were prohibited by the U.S.

Congress or violated the. Iran - The Islamic republic: Outwardly, with a swiftly expanding economy and a rapidly modernizing infrastructure, everything was going well in Iran. But in little more than a generation, Iran had changed from a traditional, conservative, and rural society to one that was industrial, modern, and urban.

In this lesson students will gain a better understanding of the Iran-Contra Affair by interpreting and evaluating primary and secondary sources, constructing a timeline of the events, and making connections between the events to get an overall picture of the Iran-Contra Affair.

Inwhile Iran and Iraq were at war, Iran made a secret request to buy weapons from the United States. McFarlane sought Reagan's approval, in spite of the embargo against selling arms to Iran.

After exposure of the Iran-Contra Affair, government officials and businessmen, including members of the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency (NSA), and the Reagan cabinet, were indicted. Two members of the NSA were convicted of felonies, although all convictions were overturned.

A geography of iran contra affair
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